Sorry for not updating sooner.  We had a family emergency, and left town for a while.  We have been checking on a family member who's been sick.  So back to Sofie.  Her bandage was removed, and her broken tail is fine.  She's very dainty, and from time to time, has broken toes and ribs and such before.  It always took a long time for things to heal, so we are all very happy to see a swift tail recovery.  She flings that tail around like a ceiling fan on high. I've tried to explain to just wag it from three o'clock to nine o'clock.  Turns out, she can't tell time.   
2/25/2011 03:00:46 am

MOL hehe she can't tells time huh, maybe you can teach her my furriend. I came across your bloggie and I am adding to my list so I can come to visit you. So happy dat it was a swift tail recovery and I hopes your family member is getting better.


2/27/2011 03:14:13 am

Thanks for dropping by, Baby Patches!


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