Sorry for not updating sooner.  We had a family emergency, and left town for a while.  We have been checking on a family member who's been sick.  So back to Sofie.  Her bandage was removed, and her broken tail is fine.  She's very dainty, and from time to time, has broken toes and ribs and such before.  It always took a long time for things to heal, so we are all very happy to see a swift tail recovery.  She flings that tail around like a ceiling fan on high. I've tried to explain to just wag it from three o'clock to nine o'clock.  Turns out, she can't tell time.   
...is Sofie's big day.  We'll take her bandage off her broken tail and see if it's doing ok. 
Sofie and I just received our Valentine's Day Gift.  We got to eat Ritz crackers with peanut butter.  We also got a drizzle of honey in the middle of our plate! Mine is definitely the sweet life.  My LADY got earrings.  She said that her Vida is pretty Dolce, too.  THE TALL MAN got fancy Tito's Handmade Vodka.  He said that his gift is also sweet, depending on what he uses as a cocktail mixer. 
eyeballs were surgically removed from my frog's head...for safety.

The following is a partial list of things I've attempted to eat:

  • coffee grounds
  • dried leaves
  • curious looking cricket
  • whole black pepper corns (who leaves that on the floor?  I mean really!)
  • a sticker on a placemat
  • Deeroff brand deer repellent [rotten eggs and hot red pepper are its main ingredients]
  • mud puddle with a motor oil slick
  • the plastic eyeball on my stuffed animal frog
  • dryer lint

Don't worry, my LADY stopped me from eating these things.  Exploring the world though my mouth can be untastey sometimes.  It's dangerous other times, too.     

Although Sofie does have a cute white tip of fur on her tail, that's not what you see above.  She broke her tail last night.  She not telling anyone how; maybe she's embarassed. When we all woke up, there was a blood spray on the wall, and blood toward the bottom on her long monkey tail.  The vet put it in a splint.  We thought she was going to lose the end of her tail, but the vet didn't take it off.  We hope she will recooperate without any problems.  Poor girl.