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When we went to pick up Gracie, she cried all the way home.  Boy, she is L-O-U-D.  Once home, she was walked for a long time outside.  We came inside and she received a tour, on leash.  She was supervised in one room, and we all settled into our beds.  But what did she do?  Gracie popped a squat in front of the television.  That's right, she peed on the carpet.  She looks like a house dog, but she sure acts like a rabbit.  Like I said earlier, she smells funny, and I'm not sure about this new dog thing.  At all.  Sofie and I have decided not to look at her.  We are refusing eye contact as an act of uncertainty and protest.    
Post from the LADY:  There is a special agony involved in having an unnamed dog.
The responsibility of picking the right name always weighs on me heavily.  I consider everyone who will be calling the dog's name and I don't want to choose anything too far out that would make others feel uncomfortable.  For example, I can't picture our fathers calling out the back door for "baby girl".  I made lists of dozens of names; all were shot down by my husband.  I had given up hope and posted for help on Facebook.  My friends suggested Gracie, which sounded well adjusted and sweet.  Click Here for a list of some of my rejected names.   
Gracie: "Oweeeee"; Maggie: "Amateur."
So sad and afraid...
We had a family meeting, and decided to add Bug, the new dog, to our pack.  Mostly the meeting was THE LADY asking, "PLEASE" and the man asking, "Are you sure?"

The New dog's name is Bug.  We renamed her, since bugs squish easily and are pesky. It was really hard coming up with a new name.  She almost was named Scrappy, since she was definitely that.  We didn't want her to stay that way though.  we wanted her to find inner peace and to be able to relax.  We named her Gracie, at the suggestion of our friends.  

taking Bug home from Richmond Animal League
I'm well adjusted now.  I don't cry anymore when my people leave.  I'm not so scared or sad.  I understand how life works here.  I know that when my people leave, they will always come back for us.  I've given up begging for food and I'm an all around great dog. My medical problems are better.  I've been told that it's now time to help out a new dog who needs a home.  Sofie is doing the best that she can, but she isn't much company.  She sleeps ALL the time and she often doesn't feel very well.  When I can, I'll lay next to her and sleep so she knows that she has a friend.   

My LADY wants me to have a new friend, who is closer to my own age, but I'm not sure yet how I feel about that.  We went to the shelter to look at a new dog.  I didn't like this, because going to the shelter brings back a lot of bad memories.  This new dog smells funny, and  I'm just not sure about this whole new dog thing.  I'm really not sure.    

We just got back from attending our family reunion in Ohio.  We stayed at a state park near Portsmouth.  There were several other dogs in attendance, too.  We were all on good behavior, so lets hear it for well mannered, well raised dogs!