We just ran across this article while visiting www.animalshelter.org  If you are considering getting a family pet, this is good information.

Pet Dogs Lower The Risk Of Obesity In Children 

The researchers from St. George’s University in London have recently reported that children have a lower risk of becoming obese if they own a pet dog. Obese children have a higher risk of developing chronic health problems among which high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels or bone and joint problems are just a few. 

The study involved more than 2000 children aged 9 and 10, who were monitored over a period of seven days. 10% of the children involved in the study had pet dogs. The results showed that pet owners spent more than five hours involved in physical activities each day. As a consequence, they had less sedentary behavior and were involved in light, moderate and even vigorous activities and their active lifestyles
showed positive results on their weight. 

The Vet said I needed to keep exercising because my legs are weak.  I'm learning that on our walks, I need to follow the LADY-not the other way around.  What can I say?  I'm not used to being around someone who is so bossy.  I now weigh 17 pounds.  Our walks are paying off, and I'm now thinner that I have been in years.  The LADY was right about one thing.  Being fit feels good!  I now can jump up on my back legs when I get excited.  I still get treats, so things aren't so bad.  I got watermelon this week.  Don't worry, there weren't any seeds.