Sofie and I just received our Valentine's Day Gift.  We got to eat Ritz crackers with peanut butter.  We also got a drizzle of honey in the middle of our plate! Mine is definitely the sweet life.  My LADY got earrings.  She said that her Vida is pretty Dolce, too.  THE TALL MAN got fancy Tito's Handmade Vodka.  He said that his gift is also sweet, depending on what he uses as a cocktail mixer. 
eyeballs were surgically removed from my frog's head...for safety.

The following is a partial list of things I've attempted to eat:

  • coffee grounds
  • dried leaves
  • curious looking cricket
  • whole black pepper corns (who leaves that on the floor?  I mean really!)
  • a sticker on a placemat
  • Deeroff brand deer repellent [rotten eggs and hot red pepper are its main ingredients]
  • mud puddle with a motor oil slick
  • the plastic eyeball on my stuffed animal frog
  • dryer lint

Don't worry, my LADY stopped me from eating these things.  Exploring the world though my mouth can be untastey sometimes.  It's dangerous other times, too.     

...this time change thing is a bunch of hooey.  I had to wait an extra hour before my people decided to start the day.  And now is the worst part.  My breakfast arrives an hour later, too.  This stinks.  The citizens of the great states of Hawaii and Arizona sure are smart.  They leave their breakfast time ALONE!!!



Watching the kitchen activity from the next room, instead of underfoot

I have stopped being pesty in the kitchen.  The only action I ever get in the kitchen is a bath.  These people don't play around with the food.  I have tried everything, but begging just does not work.  Am I disappointed?  Sure.  Since there is no benefit, I no longer stay underfoot while the LADY or the TALL MAN are cooking.  Sometimes I don't even come in to watch while they are cooking or cleaning in the kitchen.