Sorry for not updating sooner.  We had a family emergency, and left town for a while.  We have been checking on a family member who's been sick.  So back to Sofie.  Her bandage was removed, and her broken tail is fine.  She's very dainty, and from time to time, has broken toes and ribs and such before.  It always took a long time for things to heal, so we are all very happy to see a swift tail recovery.  She flings that tail around like a ceiling fan on high. I've tried to explain to just wag it from three o'clock to nine o'clock.  Turns out, she can't tell time.   


2/18/2011 10:02:09


...is Sofie's big day.  We'll take her bandage off her broken tail and see if it's doing ok. 

Sofie Some More

11/11/2010 05:43:48


We've decided that Sofie's walks need to come to an end.  She is really frail, and we walk with our lady to the stop sign, but that's all.  Sophie's been to the vet, and everything checks out o.k.  Getting old isn't for sissies, I've heard.  Because we don't want to leave Sophie we haven't been around the block very much.   For fun, we go for rides in the car.  I don't miss my exercise at all.  But My lady said we'll need to start our walks again soon.    

Sofie Struggles

10/27/2010 06:32:20

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Books and television talk a lot about doing the right thing.  Sometimes this is hard, because the right thing isn't always a clear choice.  Sofie, my greyhound sidekick, is having trouble keeping up while we are out on our walks.  She has the arthritis and has trouble walking, even though she takes her gimpy puppy pills.  We don't want to leave Sofie behind when we take our walks.  No one likes being left behind.  But if she goes for a walk and struggles and is in pain... that isn't a good thing either.  Our walks are not even fast or long.  So we are going to need to keep watching her closely and to give this some more thought.  We want to do the right thing by Sofie.