We just ran across this article while visiting www.animalshelter.org  If you are considering getting a family pet, this is good information.

Pet Dogs Lower The Risk Of Obesity In Children 

The researchers from St. George’s University in London have recently reported that children have a lower risk of becoming obese if they own a pet dog. Obese children have a higher risk of developing chronic health problems among which high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels or bone and joint problems are just a few. 

The study involved more than 2000 children aged 9 and 10, who were monitored over a period of seven days. 10% of the children involved in the study had pet dogs. The results showed that pet owners spent more than five hours involved in physical activities each day. As a consequence, they had less sedentary behavior and were involved in light, moderate and even vigorous activities and their active lifestyles
showed positive results on their weight. 

I haven't felt very playful since I arrived.  I was focusing more on the rules at first, plus my head really hurt from my ear infection.  I'm feeling better now that my ears don't hurt.  I'm getting the hang of things, so I'm more relaxed now.  I spent a lot of time feeling worried, but I'm not so worried now.  I still don't like it when the LADY or the TALL MAN leave the house, but when they come back I run and find my stuffed frog.  I run all over the place with it.  They throw the frog so I can run and catch it all over again.