milkshake sitting in the bottom right corner.

For her birthday, my lady asked for a country drive out to a peach orchard.  We ate apple doughnuts and had a peach shake.  We brought back fresh cherries and peaches.  My sky box worked great and I love being able to see out the window.  Yes, driving 100 miles for a milkshake is a great way to pass a day.  If you find yourself in central Virginia, swing by Chiles Peach Orchard.

Step Two: You Put a Puppy In The Box
Yes, at first I was worried and not sure about my new travel sky box.  But now I really like it.  I can see out better, and because of my harness, I should be more safely restrained in case of an accident.  Hopefully we'll never find out.

We visited Papa and Grammy again this week.  It was his birthday and the people celebrated with cupcakes.  We pups had Ritz crackers. Their house has a great fenced-in yard...and no one says anything when I sit on the couch!  Papa's resting up because his chemotherapy starts in a few weeks.  He was happy to get back home after his pancreatic surgery.  He is lucky that his cancer was caught early, even though we all know that there is nothing lucky about cancer.

If I could see cancer, I would bark at it harshly.