Note from the LADY:  Hooray! For three months, I encouraged Maggie to like her crate.  She received treats and rubs there.  I sat on the floor and read next to it, while she relaxed inside her crate.  I gave her a luxurious cushion and super-sized it, so she wouldn't feel confined.  Still, there was no way she would go into her crate without a good amount of convincing.  Finally, this weekend I was walking down the hall, and I noticed that she was laying in her crate without being asked.   
11/15/2010 11:33:32 am

Hi Maggie - thanks for coming over to visit my blog - I love making new friends! :-)

I think you're so lucky to be adoped by such a wonderful human who takes the time to help you learn good habits like enjoying being in your crate - you look very comfy in there!

Honey the Great Dane

11/17/2010 12:15:37 am

My dog loves her crate... It took her some time too... but now it is her safe haven.

11/17/2010 09:47:34 pm

I'm now learning that nothing bad ever happens in my crate. Sometimes, when no one is looking, the treat fairy comes by and leaves a treat in my crate for me. Thanks for stopping by Honey and Jenn.


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