News flash, but I'm sure this is no surprise.  My infection in my ear has returned.  It's just in one side this time.  I now have to get medicine for 21 days.  Let me also add that I hate going to the Vet's office.  As soon as I walk through the door, I start to shake.  I hate the smell.  I hate the sound of dogs and cats baying in the back.  I hate what happens there.  I get weighed and poked.  Once, while at the Vet's, they made me fall asleep and when I woke up, I was missing most of my teeth.  That is so RUDE.   

11/2/2010 12:56:58 am

Poor Maggie, I know I hate the vets too - they act all excited and happy just to get me in the door then I get jabbed with needles and poked and prodded and they put me on that horrible wobbly table that smells weird! Although I sometimes forget my fears for a moment and have a good sniff and lick of it...!

These humans, sometimes they're great to be around but sometimes they're just mean! Well, at least I always get some yummy treats before I leave the vets!

Luv and paw to the face (that's how I show my affection btw!),
Ralph x


11/3/2010 12:14:33 am

Thanks for the shout out, Ralph. I wish my vet gave out treats. Your website is really cool. Everyone should check it out, just click on Ralph's name above.


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