Not much is going on this week.  I've been relaxing while the LADY has been planting mums.  The porch isn't so scary now.  The weather has been nice, and I've been able to lounge on the porch and watch people while they were working out in the yard.  I'm ready for Fall.  The weather is cooler and rooting in the leaves is fun.    
10/13/2010 03:30:30 pm

Hi Maggie:
I just wanted to tell you that "I love your blog"! Actually, I'm a huge fan of senior pups and your little gray muzzle just tugs at my heart strings.

I'm glad to hear that your you gained your hearing back. Stop by and visit our website too o.k. There's all kind of great information to keep seniors like yourself in tip-top shape.

I too have a girl named Maggie, but she's quite a bit younger than you. However, I recently lost my old girl "Lulu" of 16 years this past June. She was a beautiful yellow lab with a wonderful spirit.

Well you take care Maggie and I'll try and stop back and check on you o.k. Make sure the "lady" knows about our cutest dog contest too - it's monthly and she can submit a new picture each month. You could win yourself a nice prize maybe :o)


10/16/2010 05:40:58 am

to Janie: Thanks for the feedback and for stopping by. I love your website, too. Everyone else can check out Janie's blog by clicking on her name above. I'm sorry to hear about Lulu's passing. I'm sure Maggie is nice, since she has such an awesome name.

10/19/2010 01:16:27 am

Love your blog. I'm a dog freak. We just added a third member to our family. My old dogs are trying to get use to her. It's a puppy! My Bob is 11 and my Andy is 9 so they put down their canes and are starting to run around checking Betty out:)

10/19/2010 11:31:41 pm

To LYNN: Since we've been working on our weight, we've been listening to your podcasts and following your blog, too. Your dogs are soooo cute! Thanks for checking out our website!


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