This is a picture of everyone at the Easter Parade.  Sophie couldn't go because it was 90 degrees and she can't handle the heat or prolonged walking.  Our town's Easter parade is just people wearing Easter clothes and "parading" down the street.   It is a fun time for people and pets.  Also, my foster Mom from HART sent Sophie and I a nice Easter card.  Thanks Kim! 
I made a new friend.
4/24/2011 08:19:07 am

Dear Maggie,
I have been away from the computer for a long time and it's wonderful The Lady keeps us informed of all you've been doing, incidents and all. I'm sure she helps you type...

Scully and Dovi have an uninteresting Winter and it seems Spring is starting to pick up. I hope you continue to do well and you looked beautiful at the Easter Parade!

Jenny, Scully, Dovi and Whiskers ^..^ ,

4/24/2011 10:58:29 am

Hi Jenny, Scully, Dovi and Whiskers, an uninteresting Winter sounds great. Lots of naps, I bet. Well I hope you all find lots of interesting things to do and sniff this spring! Thanks for stopping by again

4/25/2011 12:52:47 pm

Hi Maggie,
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment. I do love the story of our Japanese "cousin."

We all did have LOTS of naps and are getting to sniff more and more every day- except for Whiskers- he's a chicken and just sits in the window pretending to be outside!

We all enjoy reading your story and are glad you have your Forever Home. ain't it great? ;)

Take care, Maggie! ^..^ ,


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