Watching the kitchen activity from the next room, instead of underfoot

I have stopped being pesty in the kitchen.  The only action I ever get in the kitchen is a bath.  These people don't play around with the food.  I have tried everything, but begging just does not work.  Am I disappointed?  Sure.  Since there is no benefit, I no longer stay underfoot while the LADY or the TALL MAN are cooking.  Sometimes I don't even come in to watch while they are cooking or cleaning in the kitchen.  

9/23/2010 09:11:36

Hi Maggie, my Lady, Jenny is writing for me because my toenails get caught in the little squares that make shapes on the bright box my Lady sits in front of.

I used to be in the kitchen, too...but I learned that by staying away....my Lady comes looking for ME and then I eat and then we play...but my pushy little adopted brother, Dovi, always come to try and get the toy. Now I just chew my Lady's socks and my brother can have the toy.

I am glad you are in your Forever Home. I have been with my Lady for 11 years and I don't plan on going anywhere- ever. Enjoy!
~ Scully ^..^ '

9/24/2010 01:44:18

to Scully:
Congratulations on 11 years with Jenny. You are both lucky to find each other. It's a little sad that you have to chew on socks. Rawhide is SOOOOOO much better. But if that's what you like, it's fine by me. Best Wishes, Maggie

9/24/2010 09:25:38

To Maggie:
Hi Maggie, thanks for the congratulations on being with Jenny for 11 years. It's been fun and I love her very much. Don't feel sad about the rawhide. I used to love it when I was younger but just the vanilla flavor, which Jenny hasn't been able to find. Socks are great because I can pu-u-u-u-u-u-u-ull them and stre-e-e-e-e-e-tch them and Jenny just thinks it's too cute. Between you and me, I get away with almost anything. Try flashing your brown eyes on The Lady...it might work!
Take care, Scully ^..^ '


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