I'm starting to get the hang of things here at my new house.  The food is good, but they don't give me much.  At my old place, before I went to the shelter, I would get lots and lots of treats.  But those days are longggg gone.  I'm learning that I shouldn't be underfoot in the kitchen.  I'm also learning that I have to stay in a crate at night.  I don't like this ONE BIT.  I don't know why we can't be together all of the time.   

SPECIAL NOTE FROM THE LADY:  Maggie is not reacting to sounds.  We are going to the Vet today to see what is going on with her hearing.  At home, we are trying to teach her that it's o.k. to be away from us sometimes.  We also want her to know that when we do go away, we will always come back for her.  She doesn't believe this yet, but I hope she will learn to relax when we are away from the house or are sleeping in separate rooms.  I'm trying not to cuddle her too much.  I read that cuddling all the time can make little dogs anxious when it's time to spend some time apart.  This is hard since she is incredibly cute.   


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