It looks like the crate is here to stay.  I'm coming to terms with being forced to sleep in the crate.  This is not the same as learning to like it, however.  To amuse myself, sometimes I burrow under my cushion cover for fun.  It's how I celebrate my dachshund heritage.  

10/23/2010 04:17:15 pm

Why does this little doggie need to stay in the crate?
I always crate train my puppies but once they are house broken the crate door stays open.

10/24/2010 10:51:36 pm

I sleep in the crate at night and when all of my people leave the house. I'm not allowed to sleep with my people. They said that a little time apart is healthy. I'm not sure about that. We tried letting me run loose in the house when my lady goes to the grocery. I scratch at the door until she comes back.


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