Yikes, today was pretty rough.  My ears were really clogged up and the Vet worked hard to dig out the junk in my ears.  The LADY said if I had been a boy, she would have named me Tater.  She said you could have grown 'taters from all of the dirt the pulled out of my ears.  Maybe I'll be able to hear better when my ear infection gets better.  But maybe not.  I've been learning to listen to hand signs at home.  I've learned the sign for sit, lets-go-out and for lay down.  We even have a sign for good girl and there's one for my name, too.  The sign for my name is the same as the surfer sign for "hang loose", only you do it upside down, so dogs can see it .  Not being able to hear can make being alone feel extra lonely sometimes.  But don't worry about me, though.  There are worse things than not being able to hear.  I can still use my four paws.  I can smell a treat from ten feet away.  I can see like a hawk so if my hearing never comes back, I'll still be o.k. 

8/30/2010 04:17:58 am

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