The Tall Man's father, Papa, has been battling a pancreatic tumor.  I spent a few days with him before he went to the hospital to have it taken out.  Papa is feeling poorly, but is doing great considering he just had a ten hour surgery and had his craw all moved around and sewn back together.  We will get his test results back soon to see if his cancer has spread to other parts.  I just returned back home.  I've been staying with my other grandparents while The LADY and The TALL MAN were away at the hospital.  Sofie's tail is doing great. We are still waiting for the TALL MAN to come back home, too.   We all miss him.  
3/21/2011 10:26:15 am

I am so sorry to hear about Tall Man's Papa. I bet you were happy to see The LADY come home. Take care of your family!

3/30/2011 06:33:01 am

Thanks, Lori.


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