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When we went to pick up Gracie, she cried all the way home.  Boy, she is L-O-U-D.  Once home, she was walked for a long time outside.  We came inside and she received a tour, on leash.  She was supervised in one room, and we all settled into our beds.  But what did she do?  Gracie popped a squat in front of the television.  That's right, she peed on the carpet.  She looks like a house dog, but she sure acts like a rabbit.  Like I said earlier, she smells funny, and I'm not sure about this new dog thing.  At all.  Sofie and I have decided not to look at her.  We are refusing eye contact as an act of uncertainty and protest.    
7/28/2011 11:09:14 pm

Don't worry Maggie. It will get better.


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