eyeballs were surgically removed from my frog's head...for safety.

The following is a partial list of things I've attempted to eat:

  • coffee grounds
  • dried leaves
  • curious looking cricket
  • whole black pepper corns (who leaves that on the floor?  I mean really!)
  • a sticker on a placemat
  • Deeroff brand deer repellent [rotten eggs and hot red pepper are its main ingredients]
  • mud puddle with a motor oil slick
  • the plastic eyeball on my stuffed animal frog
  • dryer lint

Don't worry, my LADY stopped me from eating these things.  Exploring the world though my mouth can be untastey sometimes.  It's dangerous other times, too.     

2/15/2011 12:58:25 pm

Very impressive, Maggie. At least you're willing to try new things and explore new taste sensations... You're a Renaissance Dog for sure!!
^..^ ,

3/31/2011 12:36:50 am

Pretty impressive list, Maggie. Unfortunately, you can't come close to your friend, Ovaltine:

Jar of Pesto
Leftover cake on counter (that was the first problem - leftover cake?!?!?)
Modeling clay
Deer poop
Panty hose

I know there are plenty more, but those are the ones that I seem to remember off the top of my head. Glad that Maggie is OK!


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