The Vet said I needed to keep exercising because my legs are weak.  I'm learning that on our walks, I need to follow the LADY-not the other way around.  What can I say?  I'm not used to being around someone who is so bossy.  I now weigh 17 pounds.  Our walks are paying off, and I'm now thinner that I have been in years.  The LADY was right about one thing.  Being fit feels good!  I now can jump up on my back legs when I get excited.  I still get treats, so things aren't so bad.  I got watermelon this week.  Don't worry, there weren't any seeds.  



08/31/2010 05:44

This blog is lovely and so heart warming, its lovely to know there are people out there like you. xx

08/31/2010 05:47

Thanks so much. And thank you for checking out our website!


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