Gracie's potty training continues.  To keep everyone in a good sense of humor, there was an industrial worksite accident sign added to the fridge.  Right after the LADY took this picture, beaming with pride, she immediately posted it to Facebook.  While she was on the computer, Gracie peed on the floor.  Here was the LADY's next Facebook post:
We've had several "0" days.  Maybe Gracie used puppy pads and was allowed to pee inside at her last house.  Maybe she just got into a bad habit after staying at the shelter.  The LADY is very worried.  She doesn't want to give Gracie away, but will if she doesn't stop peeing in the house.    


08/10/2011 18:56

I got lost from my home and couldn't find my way back. I was on the streets when the shelter people found me. My new Daddy and Mommy found me at the shelter and took me to my new forever home. I had some accidents at first. But I don't have any accidents now! I was confused, the new people didn't know my real name, I didn't know what the signal was to go out, and yes, I got used to just going when I needed to, and forgot to tell mommy sometimes.
Mommy helped me with a special trick. She put my pretty (my leash) down low where I can see it. When I need to go outside I can walk over and touch my pretty with my nose and then she takes me outside. If she doesn't see me then I go over and get her attention and then go back over and touch the pretty with my nose again. I have been in my new home for 4 months now and no accidents anymore.

08/10/2011 19:24

That's really good advice Lucy. Thanks for sharing your story.


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