We had a terrible scare.  I ate a roach bait.  My LADY tried to hide them from me under the sinks.  What she didn't know was that they contain an attractant that smells like a tasty treat.  While she was out gardening, I snuck under the sink and ate the roach poison.  She called animal poison control, but it cost $65 per call so she researched it online instead.  She learned that the active ingredient wasn't harmful, unless I ate a bunch of them.  The actual hazard was in ingesting the plastic case. I think I spit out all of the plastic parts, but she is still worried about my "incident".  So make sure you keep these products away from your pets, because they smell tasty.       

NOTE from the LADY: PS, we don't have roaches. OK, I lied.  We had one little wood roach.  We stepped on him, and we don't want any of his friends to drop by looking for him.