The left side of my mouth hurts.  I scream when someone rubs it.  My LADY discovered this when she was washing my face yesterday.  In the past, screaming has been a helpful tool to make people stop touching me.  Not with these people, though.  I scream, and they still trim my nails.  I scream, and they still brush my teeth.  So today, my LADY rolled me in a towel, and looked inside my mouth.  I screamed louder than a elementary school fire alarm.  She didn't stop; she looked inside my mouth.  She didn't see anything unusual, so she said we are going to "monitor the situation" for a few days.  She's giving me a mouthwash left over from Sofie's teeth cleaning.  She can monitor me all that she wants, as long as she keeps her hands out of my mouth...     
4/13/2011 01:08:07 am

Oh, Miss Maggie hope you will be feeling better soon! Hope your mouth feels better so you can be back to enjoying crunchy treats soon.

4/13/2011 01:28:00 am

Thanks, Kerry. Crunchy treats ARE one of my favorites. I still eat them, but I just do it very, very slow.


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