From The LADY:  What am I thankful for this year?  The person who dumped Maggie.  If Maggie's prior owner hadn't gotten rid of her, we never would of met her.  Many people involved in dog rescue spend a good deal of energy hating the other people who abandon their dogs. But I've never gotten caught up in that  kind of thinking.  When we were involved in Greyhound Rescue groups, I never jumped on board with the people who bashed the greyhound racing industry.  Without greyhound races, we never would have owned our two greyhounds.  

I don't approved of how Maggie was dumped.  I don't approve of how the greyhound industry produces thousands of unwanted dogs when they no longer win races.  But I appreciate how these problems resulted in an opportunity to love.  I am thankful for someone else's problem, because it feels so good to fix it.  I am thankful for second chances, everywhere.   
11/23/2010 07:14:08 am

Oh, Maggie -I'm sure you're really thankful to have found your humans and be part of such a wonderful family! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Maggie Puppy
11/23/2010 07:56:19 am

Honey I thought that Sofie, the greyhound was tall. But you are the tallest dog I've ever seen in my while life. I'm 12 inches tall, from the ground to to tippy top of my head. You must be four feet tall. Anyways, I do feel lucky and I really liked your Chinese Freestyle dance on your blog!


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