On this date, last year, I was adopted.  After spending one month at the county shelter, and facing doggie death row, and four months in foster care with HART, someone took me home.  Someone said "I will love you.  I will take care of you."

From the LADY: [to Maggie:]  I will always love you.  I will take care of you forever.  I loved you when you were only a picture on my iPod that I carried around and showed people.  "This is the dog I'm trying to adopt," I would say as people squinted at the tiny picture.  I loved you when I saw you for the first time.  I scanned the parking lot at the adoption event, quickly skipping over all the dogs that were not you.  When I saw you, I knew I would always be your lady.

Below is a slide show of the adoption event where we met Maggie.  Many Thanks to everyone at HART, especially to Kim who was an awesome Foster Mama. 
At The Easter Parade
8/31/2011 07:15:55 am

That is just the SWEETEST tribute to your dog. We adopted a dog back in March from Recycled Doggies in Cincinnati and I looked at her picture online for a couple weeks, wondering if this is "the one." (I might add we already had a dog, two cats, and two kids, so frankly I wasn't really looking for "the one". She just kept calling me.) Thanks for giving these pets a home. :)

The Lady
8/31/2011 12:31:18 pm

Thanks Shannon! Recycled pets are the best, for sure.


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