The ear treatments have worked.  The infection is gone, and believe it or not, I can hear just fine now.  No one was very hopeful when I started my medication that my hearing would return.  But we are all glad that it did.  When someone comes home, I can hear the door open when I'm on the other side of the house.  The world is much more interesting with sounds.  I look for crows when I hear them, and I know when a squirrel is hopping through the leaves.

9/24/2010 09:28:17 am

And congratulations on getting your hearing back! It happened to me and I still don't like the drops Jenny puts in my eyes- they smell like herbs and flowers from the field but they are so cold! I shake and shake my ears and get stuff all over Jenny. She doesn't like that very much but I'm cute and I get away with every time. Waggy tails to you, Scully :)


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